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Screaming Infidelities.

and i am alone in my defeat.

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Alexandra. 17. Oporto, Portugal.
Planning on majoring in NTC (new technologies of communication). Absolutely addicted to music/tv/movies. Plays the guitar. Sleeps too much. Writes like crazy sometimes & loves books. Her best friends are essential. Is too passionate. Daydreams constantly, is shy at first but very talkative as you get to know her. Stubborn. Doesn't deal well with dumb people. Is open minded and independent. Enormous procrastinator. Nice and friendly overall, and enjoys a good sense of humour above everything else.


• Skins • How I Met Your Mother • Gossip Girl • The Office • Arrested Development • Gilmore Girls • Chuck • Scrubs • Harry Potter • South of Nowhere • Star Wars • The L Word • Better Off Ted • Grey's Anatomy • Life • The OC • Veronica Mars.

People: Scarlett Johansson; Sophia Bush; Blake Lively; Ellen DeGeneres; Portia de Rossi; Hayden Christensen; Piper Perabo; Bethany Joy; Leighton Meester; Lauren Graham; Matt Bellamy; Rachel McAdams; Natalie Portman; Heath Ledger; James Lafferty; Johnny Depp; Keira Knightley; Conan O'Brien; Tina Fey; The Beatles; Christina Ricci; Christina Aguilera; Steve Carrell; James Franco.

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