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25 November 2006 @ 03:04 pm
{GA and OTH reviews}  
And I can proudly say I'm in love with it. It's indeed an awsome show. It has everything to be it. The intrigue, the drama, the relationships, the humor, and the good looking people rule it. And the medical thing just makes me like it even more, because it can show us so many cases of diseases I never even heard about. And it's realistic and well done. I like that. I really do. :) If I had to choose a favourite character, I wouldn't know how. I love Meredith, I love Izzie, I love Cristina, George, Alex, Derek, Bailey, etc. I love Meredith/Derek, and their chemistry. Cristina/Burke is interesting too, it amuses me. George is adorable and funny and Alex is good looking and I like the humor he brings to the show (although what he apparently did in the season finale wasn't that funny). And Izzie, she's awsome! Hilarious, and I heart the way Kathering Heigl plays that character. The Izzie/George friendship is so great in many ways, that I squee when there's a scene with both of them alone, just talking. Meredith bugs me some times, but most of the times she's cool. And Ellen's way of talking is so funny, lol. Me and Mariana kept imitating her saying "nothing", coz of how she spells "th". Heh. And she's gorgeous. Guh. Oh, and McDreamy... meh, I like him in many scenes, but in others... not that much. And I have a strong opinion about Addison, for now. I know I only saw like 3 minutes of her but... that scene didn't actually show her prettyness all that much, you know? I just don't think it did. And Ellen showed to be better in it too. But it's just an opinion, coz I know how everyone loves Addison. Lol, anyway I'm just extremely excited to watch season 2 and to get to know more of these characters. I liked some patients too, the people that played them were wonderful. And the ex-girlfriend of the one who swallowed the keys was Ever Carradine! Aw, she's awsome. And there was also an actress who played one of the potential slayers in Buffy. Heh. So, overall, I need that second season!! *iz ded* One Tree Hill was okayyyy this week... I think the best of this episode was probably Whitey and his lovely speech (it got me crying) and, was that right? Could it? Oh, yes it was, a Naley kiss! ;D And of course, the best quote, by Haley to Rachel, "I can't stand you!". HEE *hearts Haley forever and ever and forever more* xD That promo really scared me, Daunte and his pipe and Nate's knee. Such a fine knee, btw. ^^ Anyway, Brooke annoyed me and I think the episode I downloaded cut the B/H scene I think it happened. So if it happened and anyone saw it, please tell me what was it about. *begs* Why did Brooke annoy me? She was a bitch to Peyton (yeah, ok, that was fun to watch) and she asked Lucas to go to the banquet with her. First of all: That's just unfair. She breaks up with him because she doesn't miss him anymore, and the guy gets to feel like crap while she goes screwing ugly Felix senior Nick around. And then she just feels lonely and suddenly misses him and tells him and he just accepts it? C'mon, that was stupid. I liked Peyton this episode, except when she said the real Derek was annoying as hell. He painted her room! He told her how to be strong! He saved her. If that's annoying, at least she should appreciate it. Which she did, so that's why I liked her. xD And she could walk alone again! Yay. :) Another thing, Paul was HOT. Whoes. O_O I'm getting used to the Dan/Karen relationship and I like it. And the Haley/Lucas/Karen scene was great coz it remembered us of good old times. And it looked like Haley was going to kiss Lucas' mouth too, ew. O__o And Mouth/Gigi! Aw!! Nice! =D Eh, so the one thing I really didn't like was when Dan went to Daunte and his girlfriend Bear (btw, what kind of badass name is that? xD) and couldn't help Nathan. I was just plain disappointed. I surely also hope the Ravens win the game. Poor Whitey. Although the next promo is SCARY. klajdakjdakadjw, DUDE!! I hope nothing bad happens to the baby, or I'll surely send a private plane with missiles to kill Schwanny and his house! *evil laugh* On the other hand, BALEY SCENES! YIPPEE! *dances* XD Yeah, that's it for the fandom world today. I'll check on ya later ***
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nancypants!: ADDISON - you wish you were herfefon on November 25th, 2006 04:21 pm (UTC)
i started watching grey's anatomy at the beginning of this season (so three)because my roomates watched it and it's so addictive. that's the problem i think. i liked mer/der in season one, and i liked meredith but for me it dropped in season two. it's not like an intense hatred, except i guess sometimes it is. i absolutely love addison, she is by far my favorite character. and i was waiting for s1 finale because i know so many people who are "omg addison". but i really like her. i have this thing where i like characters who are built up to be the bitch.

i haven't even downloaded this week's episode of oth yet.
Wendy: GA 3x08 // go ahead and feel themglazed_over08 on November 26th, 2006 05:04 am (UTC)
I flove Addie! :D She's become such a fan favourite. But favourite character- It's a toss up between Izzie or George, I think. :) You need to watch season 2 PRONTO!
Alexandra: soph crazyrainbow_27 on November 26th, 2006 01:13 pm (UTC)
Oh, and Wendy, YES I NEED IT PRONTO. lol :P
I guess I feel the same about Izzie and George! They're both so awsome! HEE.
Alexandra: hilarie OTH lolrainbow_27 on November 26th, 2006 01:12 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean, I have a tendency to like the bad guys too, eh. x) In almost every show, actually. So that's why I haven't jumped on conclusions about her yet, because I have a feeling I'll actually like her. And I hope Mer/Der doesn't get ruined, that it doesn't get extremely annoying or anything. That happens many times. =\

Well, oth had some good stuff. Next week will be much better, though (apparently). ^^